Zhang Lu / China


Cinemes Girona

05-11-2022, 10:00 h.

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Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 118'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


The film is about two brothers with completely different personalities, Li Dong  and Li Chun who are from Beijing, China. They travel to the city of Yanagawa, in Japan, to find the woman they both loved when they were young, Liu Chuan. One day she disappeared without saying goodbye and they had never seen her again. Yanagawa explores the memories of individuals and it gives a response to the events that are apparently small but that sometimes have an important role in the course of life. Zhang Lu directs this organic and vital film and brings the spectator to the Yanagawa canal with the light of the full-moon.


Chinese director Zhang Lu began his film career in the year 2000. Previously, he used to teach literature at Yanbian University in Jilin, as well as write novels. He is a third generation Korean Chinese and this has given special attention to the Korean industry especially to the refugees from North Korea. He made his first short film in 2000 to justify his claim that “anyone can make movies.” The title of his first work, “11 years-old”, ranked in the short film nominations at the Venice Film Festival.