Shin Yeon-Shick / Korea



From 26th october to 26th november

Film Information

Year: 2022

Duration: 102'

Language: VOSC

Genre: Drama


Su-jin is a successful lawyer. After her divorce, she leads a perfect life as a lawyer and mother. She is preparing her daughter, Gina, to study in the United States. Her father In-woo lives with them and takes care of his granddaughter. After a car accident, Su-jin is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, her father stays by her side to protect her, while she gradually resembles a little girl due to the progression of the disease.


Shin Youn-shick (Seoul, 1976), starting with A Great Actor (2005), became one of the regulars at the Busan International Film Festival. His fifth film, The Avian Kind, debuted at the Jeonju International Film Festival, where in 2015 he presented another successful film Like a French Film. His recent productions include Dongju: Portrait of a Poet, which he wrote and produced for filmmaker Lee Joon-ik.