Laos, The Heart of the Spirit

Johnny Branchizio / Laos


Cinemes Girona

25-10-2022, 12:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2020

Duration: 58'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Documentary


Traveling has the power to open horizons, establish links and transform expectations about the world, rediscovering forgotten or perhaps never lived values. An experience about a return to the origins, to everyone’s childhood and to the essence of things. Laos, a state of mind is a journey listening to the voice of ethnic minorities, the stories of a secret war, the rites of religion, traditional music and the silence of a sacred nature, through the poetry of images.


Johnny Branchizio (Rome, 1969) is a musician, producer and director. In 1993 he moved to Chicago, where he performed with local Rhythm & Blues musicians. He combines his stage work with the production of music for short films, plays and video art. In 2020 he produced, directed and composed the music for his first documentary Laos, A State of Mind.