A Man

Kei Ishikawa / Japan


Cinemes Girona

05-11-2022, 22:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2022

Duration: 121'

Language: VOSC

Genre: Drama


After getting divorced, Rie has found happiness with her second husband, Daisuke, and has started a new family. But when Daisuke dies in a tragic accident, she discovers that her new husband was not the man she thought he was. Rie turns to lawyer Kido to help her find the truth about the identity of the man she loved. A search that will open big questions about personal identity and what we really are behind the appearances.


Kei Ishikawa (1977, Japan) is a director and producer, known for Mitsubachi to enrai (2019), Aru otoko (2022) and Gukôroku (2016).