A Woman

Wang Chao / China



29-10-2022, 19:00 h.

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Film Information

Year: 2022

Duration: 118'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


A Woman is a story that takes place in the middle of the Cultural Revolution. Its protagonist is a woman who works in a workshop and who spends her free time writing. The film shows the life of a resilient woman in a very difficult time in Chinese history, denouncing the condition of women in the traditional family and the male oppression that was exercised with impunity. Finally, it shows how a country has managed to recover with effort, reforms and openness.


Wang Chao (Nanjing, 1964) is a filmmaker, writer, screenwriter and producer. His works have been selected in more than 50 International Film Festivals, such as Cannes, Toronto and New York, and he has been awarded successively, such as at the 59th Cannes International Festival where he received the award for Best Film.