Aizhana Kassymbek / Kazakhstan


Cinemes Girona

04-11-2022, 18:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 82'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama, Comedy


Tolik has a third child on the way, but nothing is going well in the family economy. His daily work as a bread deliveryman barely allows him to pay his debts. Although exhaustion looms over him, the protagonist maintains a positive attitude towards his situation. Behind Tolik’s stoic expression, it’s hard to know how much of his optimism is real or whether it is simply an outwardly defensive measure.


Aizhan Kassymbek is a Kazakhs filmmaker, who has made a series of films inspired by the four basic elements of life. Her first two shorts,” Water” (2018) and “Air” (2018), were screened at festivals in Europe and Asia. ”Fire” (2021) is her first feature film and premiered at the Busan International Film Festival the same year, before travelling to the Cottbus Film Festival and the Singapore International Film Festival.