Na Jiazuo / China



31-10-2022, 20:00 h.

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Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 93'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Crime, Drama


This movie is set in the 2000s and focuses on a group of lower-class youth. However, instead of going to the big city of Beijing (China’s capital) to work like young people their age who have already left their small town, they decide to stay there.


Na Jiazuo is a young male director known for this film. Na Jiazuo is of Manchu ethnicity, born in 1989 and raised in Beijing. In 2006 he entered the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. Upon graduation, he hoped to go to the Dunhuang Grottoes to sculpt or work on mural restoration, but he failed to make the final selection list for the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. In 2010, he was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy and majored in cinematography. Streetwise is his first feature film.