Thamizh / India



From 26th october to 26th november

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 117'

Language: VOSE / VOSC

Genre: Drama


Poochi is an affable basket seller who lives with his grandson, Kumaresan, in a small hut on the land of his landlord, Vellaiyan. Kumaresan’s parents were killed in a caste riot a few years ago and now Poochi cares for the orphaned boy whom he wishes to see succeed in the future. Hence, he does all kinds of jobs to save money and put Kumaresan in a private school. His relationship with one of the landowners in the area, of a higher caste, at whose service he puts himself to achieve his goal will, however, be the origin of a conflict that will jeopardize his aspirations.


Thamizh has been passionate about cinema since childhood. He has directed three short films: June 12, A Received Message and Selfie. Many of his short stories are also published in Tamizh Magazines Ananda Vikatan and Bhagya. Seththumaan (Pig) is his first feature film.