Return to Dust

Li Ruijun / China


Cinemes Girona

06-11-2022, 17:30 h.

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Film Information

Year: 2022

Duration: 131'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


Ma and Guiying are the main characters of this story. Both are different, the only thing they have in common is a life full of hardships. Ma is a farmer, the last of his family to remain unmarried; Guiying is a disabled and infertile girl, and long past what is considered to be marrying age in rural China. However, the protagonists will end up together in an arranged marriage, whose failure seemed announced due to their isolation, which ends up solving part of their problems.


Li Ruijun (Huaqiangzi 1983) is a Chinese filmmaker and screenwriter, known for films such as The Old Donkey (2010), Fly with the Crane (2012) and River Road (2014), which were nominated and won awards at several film festivals. His films tend to focus on the relationship between humans and nature, as well as domestic and rural life in a China that has changed and continues to change at breakneck speed. His films are set in his hometown, Gaotai, and he always involve family and acquaintances.