The Majority

Mohsen Gharei / Iran


Cinemes Girona

27-10-2022, 20:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 119'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


A remote rural town in pre-revolutionary Iran has suffered from an economic recession for many years. The villagers in order to survive migrate to cities or live in poverty. However, the return of a former resident who was born in the town and left 20 years ago sparks hope that she will provide the town with much-needed financial aid. The villagers believe that she is their savior. However, she promises to build, develop and enrich everyone in the town, but on one condition, an unexpected sacrifice that challenges the entire town.


Mohsen Gharaei, was born in 1984, in Iran. he is a Mining Engineering graduate. In 2006, he began his film career as an assistant director, working with renowned Iranian filmmakers such as Bahram Bayzai, Reza Mirkarimi, Majid Majidi, and Mohsen Abdolvahab. Gharaei co-directed his first feature film Don’t Be Tired! (2013) with Afshin Hashemi. His first independent work Blockage (2017), won the Best Film award in the New Currents section of the Busan International Film Festival.