Joel Lamangan / Philippines



From 26th october to 26th november

Film Information

Year: 2022

Duration: 106'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


Carmen, a former sex worker in her twilight years, secretly prostitutes her mentally challenged granddaughter, Jonah, to online pedophiles. The police finally rescue Jonah and arrest Carmen. Meanwhile, Flor, Jonah’s older sister, accuses their mother, Dolores, of being complicit in the abuse. She takes custody of Jonah temporarily, despite the danger of living with her lover, police lieutenant Greg. The story does not end here, becoming more and more complicated as a result of the perversion to which the disabled woman in question is exposed.


Multi-award-winning Filipino director Joel C. Lamangan (Philippines, 1952) studied film and theater in the Philippines and abroad. He was an actor and director for theater and television, until he made his directorial debut in 1991 with Darna. The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995) was awarded the Golden Pyramid at the Cairo Film Festival. In 2014, Hustisya won the Best Actress Award and the Netpac at the Philippine independent film festival Cinemalaya. With Bhoy Intsik (2017) and Rainbow’s Sunset (2018), he established himself as one of the most productive Filipino filmmakers in recent years.