The Drover’s Wife: Legend of Molly Johnson

Leah Purcell / Australia


Cinemes Girona

06-11-2022, 20:00 h.

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Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 109'

Language: VOSE / VOSC

Genre: Drama, historical


An adult woman tries to fight isolation and raise her children on the farm where she resides during her husband’s absence. In 1893, a pregnant Molly Johnson and her children struggle to survive in Australia’s harsh terrain. One day, a wounded and shackled Aboriginal fugitive appears nearby and fearfully approaches her home. Yakada, whom Molly initially distrusts and defies, will end up being her best friend. His closeness and generosity will eventually bring them closer together. He will reveal his secret to her and this will coincide with the news of her husband’s disappearance. The new sheriff of the town, Nate Clintoff, becomes suspicious and sends his police officer to investigate what has happened. 


Leah Purcell is an actress, singer, director, screenwriter and author for theater, film and television. She is the youngest of a family of seven Aboriginal siblings. In 1996 she moved to Sydney to become a presenter on a television music video channel, the RED Music Channel. Subsequently she also played roles in television series like Police Rescue. She was co-writer, as well as actress, of the celebrated Box the Pony, which premiered at Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre. She also wrote and directed the documentary Black Chicks Talking, which won the 2002 Inside Film Award. She also appeared in the acclaimed Australian film Lantana and The Vagina Monologues. The Drover’s Wife is her first feature film.