Haya Waseem / Canada,Pakistan



01-11-2022, 18:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 90'

Language: VOSC

Genre: Drama


Sheila is a Canadian teenager of Pakistani origin living in the suburbs. About to finish her first year of university and having fallen in love for the first time with her classmate Eden, Sheila longs for a freedom that her mother and father are unwilling to offer her. After Sheila has sex for the first time with Eden, he abruptly breaks up with her, and her sense of reality begins to crumble, thus, her reality begins to crumble which drastically alienates her from  friends, family and community.


Haya Waseem is a Swiss-raised, Brooklyn-based Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker. She began her career as a documentary editor, which allowed her to shape stories and intimately interact with diverse narratives. Haya carried those principles of honesty and perspective into her creative work as a director. Her short films have been screened at prestigious festivals such as Toronto, Cannes, and Berlin.