A Bumpy Story (Dast Andaz)

Kamal Tabrizi / Iran



From 26th october to 26th november

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 85'

Language: VOSE / VOSC

Genre: Drama


Written by the celebrated screenwriter Farzad Fakhrizadeh, the film introduces the narrative dimension of the aspirational. An author dreams of writing an extraordinary story, but has to go through the ordeal of lack of inspiration until it seems possible to conceive a story and begin its development. Is it too late? There comes a special moment when the dream comes true and the ability to write a fantastic story emerges, but apparently it is too late.


Kamal Mosaffa-ye Tabrizi (Tehran, 1959) is a film director. He was born in Tehran, where his parents moved from Tabriz. Kamal Tabrizi graduated from the Faculty of Cinema and Theatre at Tehran University of Arts. He began his career directing, writing and editing short films in 1979 – 1980. His first professional experience was as assistant director on Hatamikia’s Identity, making a name for himself with his first feature film The Passage, in 1988, and becoming a box-office hit in his home country with Leily is with me.  The author of TV series such as The Age of Rebellion, this film professor already has a long track record of titles that have helped change the landscape of Iranian cinema over the past three decades.   He is a film professor and is famous for his films The Lizard and Leili is with Me, which are considered revolutionary and changed Iranian cinema forever.