The Black Cat

Karim Amini / Iran


Cinemes Girona

04-11-2022, 10:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 112'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Drama


All cats like fish, but they hate getting their paws wet. Achieving one’s dreams and aspirations may be difficult but not impossible. The film is a metaphor for human greed for power at any cost and whatever the consequences. The title itself evokes narratives in literature and film, whether or not they necessarily have anything in common, somehow there may be an easier solution; put your ambitious ladder through others at any cost, by any means.


Karim Mohammad Amini (Iran, 1986) is an actor, director and writer who is known for Gorbeh Siah (2020), Ruze ghezavat (2015) and Doshman-e zan (2018).