4 Kings

Puttipong Nakthong / Thailand


Cinemes Girona

05-11-2022, 12:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 139'

Language: VOSE

Genre: Thriller, Action, Drama


The film set in 1995 is inspired by the memories of Billy, who is now a single father living with Am, his teenage daughter. The things that happen to his daughter are a reminder of what happened to him and his friends at that age. In the 1990s there were four schools that were collectively nicknamed “4 Kings” for basically bringing together conflictive students. Billy became deeply depressed, when his mother remarried and his stepfather hated him. He only felt good with his friends whom he was also losing and this marked him for life.


Puttipong Nakthong began his career as an assistant director for Yutthalert Sippapak and Itthisak Euasunthornwattana in 2009. He has worked as an assistant director on at least 17 titles. In 2013, Puttipong wrote the script for 4 Kings and he sent it to various studios in his country to try his luck, but was rejected. However, in 2019, he obtained the finance for his realization and in 2021 it became the biggest Thai film box-office earner  of the year.