Sardar Udham

Shoojit Sircar / India



26-10-2022, 19:00 h.

Film Information

Year: 2021

Duration: 163'

Language: VOSC / VOSI

Genre: Crime, History, Drama


Sardar Udham is an historical drama that follows the life of revolutionary Udham Singh, who witnessed the Jallianwala Bagh massacre on the 13th of April of 1919, where British troops wounded and killed over a thousand natives. Sardar Udham fled to the mountains of Afghanistan, arriving in London in 1933 under a false identity. Finally, on the 13th of March of 1940, the protagonist managed to carry out his revenge by killing Lieutenant Governor Michael O’Dwyer, who is the one who ordered that unscrupulous massacre. This key figure of the Independence of India dies at the age of 41 shortly after being sentenced by the British justice.


Shoojit Sircar (Calcutta, 1967) is a film director and producer who began his career with Yahaan (2005), a war drama, although he began to be known with Vicky Donor (2012), with which he won the National Film Award for the Best Popular Film. Sardar Udham, which began shooting in 2019, culminates a career of national and international success, with a historical drama of great visual impact.