The Women

Nobuteru Uchida / Japan



FILMIN (online)
From October 28th to November 14th


Director: Nobuteru Uchida
Year: 2021
Duration: 97’
Language: VOSE | VOSC
Genre: Drama


Despite graduating from a university in Tokyo, Misaki has not been able to find the job she was hoping for due to the lack of job opportunities her generation suffered. Almost everything has gone wrong for her and now she is about to turn 40. However, she dreams of marrying Naoki, the social worker of her elderly and disabled mother, Mitsuko, who visits her home. His clandestine meetings with Naoki are one of Misaki’s oases from Mitsuko’s daily harsh verbal abuse. The other is the bee farm run by her childhood friend, Kaori. The honey that Kaori diligently makes is sweet, smooth and soothing. But suddenly, a series of events will bring Misaki’s heart to the brink of bursting. The pandemic period has extended the separation between people, but what about their hearts?


Nobuteru Uchida is a director and writer, known for Fuyu no kemono (2010), Bokura no bômei (2017) and Onna-tachi (2021). He was born in 1972 in Saitama prefecture. His documentary Pictorial Letters won the 2003 PFF Special Jury Prize and Special Mention at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. His first feature film, Kazaana, won the 2008 PFF Special Jury Prize and was selected for the competition section of the Vancouver International Film Festival. Love Addiction, from 2010, received the Grand Prize at TOKYO FIILMeX, competed at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and screened at the Hong Kong and San Sebastian Film Festivals, as well as many other international festivals. In 2012, he wrote, directed and edited Odayaka, which had its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival, and subsequently screened at TOKYO FILMeX, Rotterdam, Thessaloniki and other film festivals around the world. It was released theatrically in Taiwan in 2013. This and his fourth feature film Love Bombs were released back-to-back in Japan in 2012 and 2013 respectively. He also wrote, directed and edited 2016’s Our Escape, which was nominated to compete at the 17th TOKYO FILMeX and the 7th Sakhalin International Film Festival.