A New Day

Negin Kianfar / Iran



Thursday 4th of November, 20:00h


Director: Negin Kianfar
Year: 2021
Duration: 72′
Language: VOSE | VOSC
Genre: Drama


Maryam struggles between a conservative religious family and an unusual job. She is raising ten severely abused children with psychological disorders in her self-funded pedagogical home. Considering the unstable temperament and emotional vulnerability of the children, she faces daily challenges on her way to empower and educate them. Following the events of the house for two years, our camera witnesses many sad and happy days, tensions and surprises, until the time comes when the boys must leave and start their independent life. As the House prepares to welcome new children, the camera catches up with the previous children and their new surroundings to see how successful Maryam was in giving them a new direction in life.



Born in 1969 in Tehran, Negin Kianfar grew up and developed a career in contemporary post-revolution Iran. After finishing her studies in film and directing at Tehran University of Art, she began her film career with short documentaries and later directed feature documentaries for European broadcasters. In 2006 she made The Birthday for Dutch television. IDFA hosted the world premiere of The Birthday, a film that has traveled the world through international festivals and universities. Portraying and documenting personal stories in an intimate setting has led Negin to another line of work. For a couple of years, she has also been an active blogger for ENS, writing about her daily life and about many other lives in Tehran.