God on the Balcony

Biswajeet Bora / India



FILMIN (online)
From October 28th to November 14th


Director: Biswajeet Bora
Year: 2020
Duration: 89’
Language: VOSE | VOSC
Genre: Drama


Set in a remote village in Assam, the film revolves around Khagen, a farmer, his wife Numali and their daughter Kuwali. Numali is involved in an unfortunate incident in which she is run over by wild elephants. Khagen takes her to the hospital, but she eventually passes away. The story narrates his relentless struggle to transport his wife’s corpse by bicycle to his home, being unable to avail of an ambulance. As he travels along the cobblestone roads with his young daughter, he encounters two reporters and, as a result, his journey becomes something else entirely.


Biswajeet Bora is an Indian filmmaker, producer, editor and writer and one of Northeast India’s most acclaimed filmmakers. He worked with acclaimed filmmaker Jahnu Barua for 6 years as an assistant director before making his first Hindi film titled Aisa Yeh Jahaan. He later entered commercial cinema in 2016 with Bahniman, which was one of the biggest hits in Assam. His next film Raktabeez was also a commercial success and in 2017, his film Pehujali won critical acclaim at several international film festivals. His latest film God On The Balcony has been well received at international festivals and bagged the Best Director award at the 26th Kolkata International Film Festival.