Riri Riza / Indonesia




Sunday, 7th of November, 10:00h


Director: Riri Riza
Year: 2021
Duration: 101′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama, Thriller


Dina (36) is a woman who lives in fear. She ran away from her abusive husband, Gion (45), and now lives in Bali with their teenage daughter, Laura (17). Dina’s fear of Gion leads her to become increasingly overprotective of Laura. For Laura, her mother is just being paranoid, since her father happens to be in prison for another 4 years. When the Covid-19 pandemic breaks, the Indonesian government releases a number of prisoners to slow down the spread of Covid-19 in penitentiaries. Gion is one of them. Dina panics and decides to find a new hiding place. She knows for sure that Gion will hunt her down, not only because she took their only daughter, but because she also took away with her his valuable antique statue. In their new hiding place in a remote villa, they meet a stranger, Raka (37), who stays in a villa nearby. Dina is suspicious of him because he could very well be someone that Gion sent, but Laura is intrigued by him. Laura secretly visits Raka and gets acquainted with him. Dina soon finds out that Gion knows her hiding place. She must decide whether to ask Raka for help or face Gion alone.


Riri Riza is an Indonesian screenwriter-director and a partner in Miles films. Riri’s films have been screened in prestigious film festivals in Berlin, Tokyo, Busan, Rotterdam, or Vancouver, and they have also received numerous international awards. His recent dramatic thriller, Paranoia (2021), was premiered at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea. He currently teaches film directing at his alma mater, the Jakarta Institute of Arts.