Bandar Band

Manijeh Hekmat / Iran



Tuesday 2nd of November, 18:00h


Director: Manijeh Hekmat
Year: 2020
Duration: 75′
Language: VOSE | VOSC
Genre: Drama


After a long time, some Iranian singers are planning to enter an unofficial competition in a cafeteria in Tehran. Pregnant Mahla, along with the other members of Bandar Band, her husband, and one of her closest friends, starts her journey to Tehran from a Southern province after losing everything they had in a flood. Although they keep their hopes up, every road they take leads to a dead-end in a flood-stricken land. They intend to go to the capital of Iran, but instead they wonder if it is just another turn in a vicious circle.


Born in 1962, Manijeh Hekmat is one of the most important figures in the political cinema of Iran. She started her film career as a producer in 1995. In 2002, based on her long studies and fieldworks, Hekmat directed her debut feature, Women’s Prison, which addresses the situation of Iranian prisoner women. The production was premiered in the Venice Film Festival and then entered the festival circuit. In 2007, her second movie, Three Women, was shown in more than 80 international film festivals starting with Berlinale. She has also directed several documentaries – most notably Ngos in Iran (2003); Me, my room and my friends (2004); Hundred years Parliament in Iran (2005); Women come out of the house (2006); and The Lullaby (2016). Up to now, as the president of Bamdad Film Company, she has produced 16 films, such as: The girl in the sneakers (1999); There are things you don’t know (2009); No entry for men (2011); City of the mice (2014); GAP (2014), apart from several shorts and documentaries.