Mahanagar (One Night in Kathmandu)

Mohan Rai / Nepal



FILMIN (online)
From October 28th to November 14th


Director: Mohan Rai
Year: 2021
Duration: 70’
Language: VOSE | VOSC
Genre: Drama


One night a girl takes a man injured in an accident to the hospital near where she and a boy she barely knows were, in Kathmandu. The girl, a frustrated poet, is the victim of a depressive state that plunges her into incommunicado and does not even allow her to respond to the kind gestures of the stranger. She returns to her village the next morning after years of constant conflict in the city. The boy, a tour guide from India, is on a trip to Kathmandu and will also leave in the morning. They leave separately from the hospital when the injured man’s relatives arrive but meet again unexpectedly.


Mohan Rai studied at the Academy of Audiovisual Arts and Sciences in Kathmandu, Nepal, and at the Asian Film and Television Academy in Noida, India. He has written and directed short films, documentaries, promotional and educational videos. His documentary Sakhi was screened in 2013 at the fourth edition of the Toronto Nepali Film Festival. Another documentary of his, Anjali: How Long Can Someone Live in Other’s Skin, was screened in 2016 at the seventh edition of the International Queer Film Festival, KASHISH Mumbai, India, and at the fourth edition of the Nepal International Human Rights Film Festival. Mohan also writes about film, reviews and has edited two film publications.