Cambodia/ Laos/ Vietnam / Myanmar/ Thailand/ Indonesia/ France
Special Section

Director: Jill Coulon
Year: 2018
Duration: 54′
Language: VOSE
Genre : Documentary

On the banks of the Mekong, where access to education is a daily struggle, 6 children of different ages dream of a better future. At the beginning of each story, there is a child who is eager to learn. A child who is determined to take a chance to leave the painful reality of a life that he has been confronted with from an early age. And then there are the men and women who decide to reach out to this child and accompany him to a better future. Assembled like pieces of a puzzle, the paths of Prin, Myu Lat, Phout, Pagna, Thookolo and Juliet come together to tell a great adventure: “Grow” (Grandir).

Jill Coulon is a director and self-taught chef, with an atypical career. Passionate about photography, travelling and Asia, she has a multifaceted nature and defines herself as “a real Swiss army knife.” In 2018, he directed Grandir for the association Children of the Mekong, which shows the typical life of a poor child from Asia through the history of six children.


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