From October 30th to November 10th

The Barcelona Asian Film Festival is back! This year we hold our 7th edition with more than a hun-dred films from 25 countries of the Asian continent. And once again, Cinemes Girona, CaixaForum and Filmoteca de Catalunya are the main venues of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona (AFFBCN) that will be held between October 30th and November 10th. Also, as a novelty, this year AFFBCN moves its programme forward with OFF Festival that starts on October 4th.

The festival proposes several cinematographic tours through the following sections: Official, Offi-cial Panorama, Discoveries, Netpac and Special, all for competition. For the second consecutive time, the festival hosts a selection of the 2018 Asian Film Awards, which is annually granted by the Asian Film Awards Academy with headquarters in Hong Kong; and finally the Retrospective Section, organised by the Japan Foundation and Filmoteca de Catalunya, which will be devoted to the Japanese film director Yasujirō Ozu.

Most of the more than 100 long films were made between 2018 and 2019, and we add 25 short films and 18 films of the Retrospective section. It consists of a festival where auteur cinema and drama genre prevail.

This year the festival joins OFF Festival with a monographic series of Iranian cinema which will be screened at CaixaForum between the 4th and the 31st of October, even though these films will also be part of the different competition sections of the festival. OFF Festival also includes the se-lection of short films that will be programmed in CaixaForum’s Aula Zero, as well as 6 documenta-ries at B the Travel Brand Xperience and 4 long films at Cinemes Girona.

Most of the films of AFFBCN 2019 will be screened between October 30th and November 10th at Cinemes Girona. The film “Ayka” (2018) by the Kazakh director Sergei Dvortsevoy will raise the curtain with a special session on the 30th of October, whereas the official opening will be with “Still Human” (2018) by Oliver Chan. Both films will be screened at Cinemes Girona.

AFFBCN includes 4 international juries and a youth jury made up of Asian young people who live in Barcelona, students of Barcelona film schools and young film directors.

Casa Asia continues once again with its commitment for Barcelona to have a festival that compiles the best films from the Asian continent and that makes access to productions of that part of the world easier, as well as to promote a meeting point for professionals of the sector and of the film industry.

Hashtag: #AFFBCN

Essay by the Asian Film Festival Barcelona Director

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Menene Gras Balaguer

Programing and Production
Menene Gras Balaguer
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

General Coordination
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

Film Management And Guests And Juries Coordination
Priyanka Ragji

Technical Coordination and Logistics
Àngela Altisent Altisent

Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Ainhoa Pérez Herrera
Esther Lorente García
Dídac Tomàs Invernon
Alba Masnou Barnils

Cinemes Girona Direction
Toni Espinosa

Technical Assistance and Logistics
Giulliana Burneo
Fabio Maestri
Pol F. Amorós

Text Translation
Àngela Altisent Altisent
Priyanka Ragji
Didac Tomàs Invernon

Translation and Subtitles
36 Caracteres
Esteban Andueza
Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Teresa Vidaurre
Mercè Blasco
Esther Arias Valor
James Burke
Victoria Morales
Adrian Caravaca Caparrós
Ainhoa Pérez Herrera
Esther Lorente García
Didac Tomàs Invernon

Catalogue Design and Layout and Festival Website
Sömi Graphic Studio (

Casa Asia Communication Department
Suria Comunicación
Cinemes Girona Maria Angels Amorós
Catalina Portillo

Resource Management
Adelaida Rodríguez
Jordi González

Festival Image
Pierre Gonnord, Manga (2003)

Festival Trailer
Adrian Caravaca Caparrós


To all Casa Asia’s staff members

Cinemes Girona
Toni Espinosa
Maria Angels Amorós
Giulliana Burneo
Fabio Maestri
Pol F. Amorós
Fabio Maestri
Catalina Portillo

Valentí Farràs
Laura Moreno Rodríguez

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Esteve Riambau
Octavi Martí

B The Travel Brand Xperience
Raquel Paredes
Laura Madrona
Sara Infantes
Mariano Gijón

Ajuntament de Barcelona
Direcció de Comunicació

Generalitat de Catalunya
Departament de Cultura

Catalunya Film Festivals
Marta Lladó

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Brussels)
Sam Hui | Mark Neirynck

Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA)
Josie Lin | Terri Chan

Macau Tourism Board in Spain
Anabela Couto

Consejería Cultural de la Embajada de la R.I. de Irán en España
Mohammad Hassan Fadaidard
Alireza Esmaeili
Alireza Joleini

Farabi Foundation
Mahsa Fariba
Tandis Tabatabaei

Iranian Independents
Mohammad Atebbai

Basil Content Media Pvt Ltd
Mirovision Inc.
Ferdinand Lapuz

Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona
Shiru Chang
Lídia Tubert

Japan Foundation
Shoji Yoshida
Alejandro Rodríguez

Centro Cultural Coreano
Yi Chongyul
Eunyoung Cho


Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema

Kazakhfilm Studios
Aizhana Kassymbekova

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Consulado de la República de Kazajstán en Barcelona

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Imagineindia Film Festival
Qazi Abdur Rahim

Lychee International Film Festival

Fire!! International LGBT Film Festival Barcelona

Festival Nits de cinema oriental de Vic

Sitges Film Festival

Sömi Graphic Studio
Víctor Xirau
Cristina Reventós
Mª Gràcia Falgueras



El Periódico

Suria Comunicación y RRPP
Sonia Uría

Poblenou Urban District

Estrella Damm

To all Jury members of the Official, Official Panorama, Discoveries, NETPAC and Special Sections

To all distributors


Official Section

Josie Lin
Executive Director AFAA | Hong Kong | President of the Jury

Mohammad Atebbai
Founder of Iranian Independents and Professor | Iran

Briccio Santos
Filmmaker, Photographer and President of FILM ASEAN | the Philippines

Connie Lam
Executive Director Hong Kong Arts Centre | Hong Kong

Jean Marie del Moral
Photographer | France

Panorama Section

Jonathan Harris
Dean of the School of Art, Birmingham City University | the UK | President of the Jury

Maxa Zoller
Director of International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund, Cologne | Germany

Jeong Young Beom
President Star J Entertainment and Talent Agent | Korea

Georgia Wyss
Editor and Producer and Co-founder of TengoTwo | Germany

Sherman Ong
Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer | Malaysia

Discoveries Section

Javier Martín-Domínguez
President of International Press Club, CIP. Spain | Spain | President of the Jury

Catherine de Montalembert
Journalist and Writer | France

Ivo Ferreira
Filmmaker | Portugal

Jeffrey Frigula
Director and Scriptwriter | Spain

Andy Fukutome
Actor and Voiceover Artist | Japan

NETPAC Section

Sandra Sotelo
Journalist and News Correspondent
the Philippines | President of the Jury

Donsaron Kovitvanitcha
Independent Film Producer and Distributor | Thailand

Mario Gutiérrez Cru
Director of Proyector Madrid Festival, Video Art Platform | Spain

Esteban Andueza
Cultural Manager and Translator | Spain

Shaghayegh Norouzi
Actress | Iran

Young Jury

Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Programmer and Researcher | Spain | President of the Jury

Hajar Boujtat
Filmmaker | Pakistan

Catalina Portillo
Producer and Assistant Director | Spain

Marc Malapitan
President of Kalayaan Cultural Association, Barcelona | the Philippines

Gabriel Garcia Rivas |
Filmmaker and Photographer | Venezuela

Lai Yi
Researcher | China

Adrian Caravaca Caparrós | Researcher | Spain


Best Film
Best Director
Best screenplay

Each jury will give these three awards and any other mention if necessary regarding his section.