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Director: Hadi Mohaghegh
Year: 2018
Duration: 82′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

An isolated and lonely old man in the mountains tries to save his son Sohrab’s life. But, despite of all his efforts, he cannot change the son’s death sentence and Sohrab is executed. So he takes the body of his son through the mountain and rivers, baptizing him. Meanwhile, the old man also should take care of his grandson. The film has been presented at the São Paulo International Film Festival 2018.

Hadi Moaghegh (1978, Dehdasht, Iran) spent his first twenty years of life in nomadic tribes of southwest of Iran and then he became interested in cinema and was an assistant director for 10 years. After making some TV films, he made his debut feature, “Bardou” in 2013 and then his second feature film, “Immortal” in 2015 which both brought him several international awards. His third feature film is “Here”.


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