Official Panorama Section

Director: Young-nam Kim
Year: 2018
Duration: 142′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Mu-cheol, a middle-aged man, has been a diligent worker at a water purifier company for years, but decides to resign due to the economic problems facing the company. While packing up his stuff to go on a trip, he finds an old contract in a drawer he had signed with his ex-girlfriend. Remembering the good old times and their promises, he decides to visit her. However, on arrival she discovers that the woman has disappeared and starts looking for her. Along the way, he gets involved in strange and anxious situations with random women he meets. The film was presented at the Busan International Film Festival 2018.

Young-nam Kim is South Korean filmmaker known for his straightforward depiction of the gloomy reality of young people in the 2000s, exemplified by his debut film, “Don’t Look Back” (2006). Kim’s passion for youth movies draws upon his belief that “youth does not necessarily refer to a certain period of one’s life, but an attitude toward the world and about life.” In his works, he prefers long shots and long takes instead of close-ups and sophisticated editing in his works. This predilection can be seen in his second movie, “The Boat” (2009) a notable Korea-Japan joint production created as a small-scale indie film, rather than a big commercial film.


Sunday 10th November