Trilogy from Japan at Cinemes Girona

From June 19th to the 3rd of July a selection of three Japanese independent cinema’s representative films will be screened at Cinemes Girona. Those are Demolition Girl (2019), Shell and Joint (2019) and Videophobia (2019), whose young protagonists live precariously in a consumer society that cannot absorb them. Cinema gives us images and experiences thanks to its communication power, in order to get to know more about these new generations. Recent Japanese cinema has a really recognizable style and a distinct personality that distinguishes it clearly from other cinematographies from the Asian continent.


Saturday, 19th of June, 2021 at 20h

Demolition Girl | Dir: Genta Matsugami | 2019 | 88’ | Drama

Japanese economy’s precariousness strikes hardly against families with less purchasing power, like Cocoa’s, a high-school student that fights to overcome the difficulties with which she stumbles, never giving up. There isn’t a single day she does not work hard to open her a way, hoping for a better future.

Genta Matsugami (Hiroshima, 1981) graduated from University of Osaka in Video Editing. His last movie during the degree, Sanketsu no Umi, won the Publics’ Award in 2005 and was screened in various international festivals. In 2012 he founded the company bit-inc, to produce TV advertising, promotional videos and music videos. With Demolition Girls, his last film, Matsugami is looking forward to transmitting a message about the valid effort towards personal overcoming.

Saturday, 26th of June, 2021 at 20h

Shell and Joint | Dir: Isamu Hirabayashi | 2019 | 154’ | Drama | VOSE

Nitobe and Sakamoto are childhood friends that work in a capsule hotel in Tokyo. Nitobe is interested in arthropodes and philosophy, while Sakamoto is obsessed with suicide. At the hotel they find every kind of clients and every kind of profiles: a Finnish mother who has lost her son, a fugitive and a student, among others. Every one of them reside in the same place and share the same commonal spaces between capsules, without never coming across each other.

Isamu Hirabayashi (1972) studied at the Univeristy of Musashino Art in Tokyo. First he worked as a graphic designer until he jumped to cinema direction. In addition to commercial cinema, he has never stopped directing independent cinema that has been recognized in festivals such as Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

Saturday, 3rd of July, 2021 at 20h

Videophobia | Dir: Daisuke Miyazaki | 2019 | 88’ | Drama

Ai wants to be an actress. Although her failure at trying so. One night she meets Hashimoto, a mysterious man. Ai goes to Hashimoto’s home and sleeps with him. One day she sees a pornographic video in which the characters look exactly like her and Hashimoto. Ai looks for Hashimoto and discovers that the apartment where they were together had been rented to Airbnb and he has gone missing. The porno is still on the internet, and despite her doubts, she starts to lose control of her life.

Daisuke Miyazaki graduated from Wased University. He began his career as an assistant director next to Kiyoshi Kurosawa, until his debut as a director in 2011 with End of the Night.

  • 19/06/2021 – 03/07/2021

  • Saturdays 19th an 26th of June, and Saturday 3rd of July at 20h

  • Cinemes Girona | Carrer de Girona, 175, 08037 Barcelona

  • Ticket price: 4,5 euros | Price for Cinemes Girona’s subcribing members: 3 euros

  • Casa Asia, in collaboration with Cinemes Girona