Shonibar Bikel (Saturday Afternoon)



Director: Mostofa Sarwan Farooki
Year: 2019
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

One peaceful afternoon in Dhaka, a terrorist attack takes place in a coffee shop. The tragic event is unprecedented. The terrorist is in agreement with this figure who uses religion to separate and kill. Meanwhile, the survivors are taken hostage, despite the fact that they are also Muslims who defend their ethical values and humanism. This film takes us through one of the conflicts we face every day, which stem from violent clashes caused by religious intolerance and social inequality.

Mostofa Sarwan Farooki is a filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer, considered to be an introducer of modernism which overlaps with the film realism that has been spreading in Bangladesh since the end of the 20th century. With his movies Bachelor (2004) and Made in Bangladesh (2007) the director started to have an international impact. The themes he deals with are mainly anguish, disappointment, hypocrisy, love and frustration, as well as the concepts of guilt and redemption in the Muslim world.


Sunday 6 december