Old Men Never Die



Director: Reza Jamali
Year: 2019
Duration: 85′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Aslan, a former executioner, left his home for fear of reprisals from the families of the criminals he killed, and, consequently, moved to a remote village in the mountains of north-western Iran. His arrival in the village 45 years ago brought the lives of its inhabitants to a halt. All the men have continued to grow old, but have not yet died. Aslan, at 100 years old, is a hunched old man like many other centenarians in the village. He is tired of living like them and it is no use lamenting his fate. The local undertaker has gone bankrupt and shares this weariness of life. News of his situation has spread to other villages, attracting those who paradoxically want to raise their life expectancy.

Born in Ardebil, Iran in 1978, Reza Jamali graduated in film. He started out making short films that were screened at many national and international film festivals, winning several awards. Old Man Never Dies is his first feature film.


Friday 4 of december