The Secret Diary of a Mom To Be

Hong Kong


Director: Luk Yee Sum
Year: 2019
Duration: 94′
Language: VOSE / VOSC
Genre: Romance

There is an old Asian saying: “Children are a gift from God”. For Carmen, however, they are the worst nightmare you can have. She fears repeating the mistakes her mother made during her childhood. The perfect life that she had hoped to preserve comes to an end when she learns of her pregnancy. She considers having an abortion. Her husband, Oscar, convinces her not to terminate the pregnancy. But her work, family and sex life change and everything seems to be going wrong.

Luk Yee Sum is a filmmaker and screenwriter whose latest projects include Love in the Buff (2012), Vulgaria (2012) and Love of the Cuff (2017) which have been nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards. In Baby: The Secret Diary of A Mom To Be, Luk Yee Sum wanted to show the transformation of a woman through the very act of giving her life.


November 2020
Available online on FILMIN