A Witness Out of the Blue

Hong Kong


Director: Fung Chih Chiang
Year: 2019
Duration: 104’
Language: VOSE / VOSC
Genre: Crime, Thriller

A man named Homer Tsui is found dead in his flat. Detective Larry Lam arrives at the scene of the crime along with Detective Charmaine and Commander Yip Sau Ching, who is convinced that the killer must have been his partner Sean Wong, when they argued over the distribution of the loot from an armed robbery carried out three months earlier. However, Detective Larry will realise that the case is more complicated than it seems and that Sean is not the only suspect. Although he is the only one who can talk.

Fung Chih Chiang is a Hong Kong film director and screenwriter who studied at the Baptist University Film Academy, starting his career as an assistant director and then as a screenwriter for a television series. Among his achievements is The Mermaid, which was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Academy Awards. In 2012 he directed his first film, The Bountyb and since then he has directed three more films, being A Witness Out of the Blue his last work.


November 2020
Available online on FILMIN