Hong Kong

Asian Film Awards

Director: Jun Li
Year: 2018
Duration: 119′
Language: VOSE
Genre : Drama

Longtime character actor Philip Keung takes on his first leading role as Tung Tai-hung, a middle-aged family man at a crossroads in life. When a childhood friend passes away, Tai-hung finds cause to reflect upon his formative years, his unfulfilling marriage, and the inescapable truth of who he really is inside. The triumphant debut feature of Fresh Wave Film Festival alumnus Jun Li, presents a groundbreaking drama tackles the issue of gender identity with intelligence, humanity, and refreshing joie de vivre. It won the award to the Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Film Festival 2018 and the Best Supporting Actress at the Asian Film Awards 2019.

Jun Li burst on the scene after winning prizes for his short film “Liu Yang He” (2017), about a Cultural Revolution-era sex worker and one of her clients. Born in London, he grew up in Hong Kong, studied journalism and communications, and started working as a reporter in TV news. With “Tracev” (2018), the director wanted to depict a part of transgender life which goes beyond surgery and any debate about their body. The film wished to convey that transgender people feel desire, they long for other people, and want to be desired by someone else. He wanted gender identification to be less important than simple desire


Thursday 7th November