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Director: Yuan Qing
Year: 2018
Duration: 100′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

A Chinese girl travels alone to Alor Setar, a small town in Northern Malaysia. As her tire blows out three times, she also shares three separate adventures. She introduces herself to colourful characters the colourful characters she encounters as different identities. In the third adventure, Brooke comes across French writer Pierre and the two lonely travellers become intimate friends. They share their respective insights into life, death, and love and, as the enigmatic story of Alor Setar begins to unfold, Brooke tells Pierre the true reason why she has come. The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival 2018, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2019, Pingyao Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon International Film Festival 2018.

Yuan Qing studied directing at Beijing Film Academy. Her thesis short film Human Vessel (2012) was shown at several film festivals in China and internationally. In 2016, she edited the film Mr. No Problem (directed by Mei Feng), which won the Best Artistic Contribution award at Tokyo International Film Festival. Three Adventures of Brooke is her debut feature.


Thursday 31st October