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Director: Sungkyu Cho
Year: 2018
Duration: 93′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Romance

Jeongbong and Seong-hye are a married couple who moved to Jeju to run a guesthouse together. One day, when the summer is almost over and there are almost no guests, Seong-hye’s ex-boyfriend and Jeongbong’s former female colleague arrive unexpectedly to the guesthouse. The situation gets uncomfortable while the complicated romances of the four individuals’ starts to unfold. The film was presented at the 2018’s Busan International Film Festival and the Far East Film Festival 2019.

Sung-kyu Cho, also known as David Cho, was an undergraduate in the Department of History and graduate in the Department of Mass Communication at Yonsei University. He published the film magazine “Nega” in 1997 and is the owner and president of Sponge Entertainment, a film company he founded in 2002. Ever prolific, Cho has work with many genres since he began his carrer in directing with the 2010’s drama “Second Half” and, as the head of Sponge Entertainment he has produced and invested in numerous films such as “Rough Cut” (2008), “My Dear Enemy” (2008) and “Million” (2009).


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