Asian Film Awards

Director: Pema Tseden
Year: 2019
Duration: 86′
Language: VOSE
Genre : Dram

On an isolated road passing through the vast barren plains of Tibet, a truck driver, who has accidentally run over a sheep, chances upon a young man, who is hitching a ride. As they drive and chat, the truck driver notices that his new friend has a silver dagger strapped to his leg. He comes to understand that his man is out to kill someone, who wronged him earlier in life. When their paths separate their short time together has changed everything, and their destinies are inexorably intertwined. The film was presented at the Tokyo FILMeX 2018, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2019, Venice Film Festival 2018 and Vesoul Asian Film Festival 2019.

Pema Tsedan, also called Wanma Tsaidan, is a Tibetan film director and screenwriter of Chinese citizenship. He is a member of the China Film Directors’ Guild, China Film Association and Chinese Film Literature Association. His works have been widely awarded since his debut work, “The Silent Holy Stones”, which won the Best Directorial Debut at the 2005 Golden Rooster Awards, Asian New Talent Award for Best Director at the 2006 Shanghai International Film Festival, Special Jury Award at the 2006 Changchun Film Festival, and Best First Feature at the 2006 Beijing College Student Film Festival.


Friday 8th November