Official Panorama Section

Director: Mayur Hardas
Year: 2018
Duration: 113′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Comedy

It’s the eternal shine of one’s mind that motivates you to live a beautiful life. A girl in her mid-20s, is stuck with the half-hearted life, and the burden of societal pressure and family expectations. She, being the eldest in her family, parents expect her to get settled, with a good job and career. Her life is stuck in a weird vicious circle. She is not able to move ahead as per her family’s expectations. Her parents being from the educational background professionally, is also expected to settle down in a teaching profession which is quite a normal thought for a middle class family with narrow vision. Her life seems quite chaotic with many dreams, which are exactly contrary from what she is living.

Mayur Hardas is an editor, cinematographer, director and writer, known for “Raakshas” (2018), “Cycle” (2018) and “Hostel Days” (2018). “Darklight” is his debut feature film as a director and writer.


Wednesday 6th November