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Director: Roya Sadat
Year: 2017
Duration: 83′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

Married and the mother of two kids, Soraya finds that her job as head of the Kabul Crime Division is too much for her ineffectual and abusive husband, Karim. When her work leads her to investigate her father-in-law, Karim attacks her and she accidentally kills him. In short order, she is imprisoned and sentenced to death. Will a reasoned recounting of her story in the titular letter change the course of future events? “A Letter to the President” was selected as the Afghan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards 2018, but it was not nominated.

Roya Sadat (1981, Herat) is an Afghan film producer and director. She was the first woman director in the history of Afghan cinema in the post-Taliban era, and ventured into making feature films and documentaries on the theme of injustice and restrictions imposed on women. Following the fall of the Taliban regime in the country, she made her debut feature film “Three Dots”, which was the winner of all 6 award categories, including Best Director and Best Film, at the 2006’s Tolo TV Film Festival. In 2003, she and her sister Alka Sadat established the Roya Film House and under this banner produced more than 30 documentaries and feature films.


Saturday 9th November