Sabot (Fortitude)



Director: Rashid Malikov
Year: 2018
Duration: 78’
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

The action takes place in 1989. Soviet Army Captain Saidulla lives alone in a small house. His son lives in the same village, but he does not visit his father, nor does he allow the grandson to have contact with the grandfather. Saidulla has a recurrent vision: an old friend from the army comes to visit him. He is exactly the same as when he last saw him alive, armed and in uniform. At a medical check-up, Saidulla is diagnosed with cancer. He does not have long to live and has to solve important problems: providing water for the school, settling differences with his son and visiting his friend.

Rashid Malikov (1958, Moscow) graduated from the Tashkent Medical Institute in 1980. In 1988 he made his debut with the film Clinic and in 2018 Fortitude won the Russian Jury’s Award for Best Film in the Official Section of the Moscow Festival.


November 2020
Available online on FILMIN