Director: Reza Gouran
Year: 2019
Duration: 91’
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama

After a long time, three sisters return to the house where they grew up, to visit their parents. When they get there, they have to face the deterioration of their mother due to Alzheimer’s and the unexpected disappearance of their father, who left one morning and did not return. One day the police find a body that could be their father, but all the sisters refuse to identify it. However, the darkest family secrets will not stop haunting them in this story of intrigue and pain.

Reza Gouran has been considered by international critics as one of the most promising voices of the new generation of Iranian filmmakers, without forgetting that he is also one of the great theatre directors of his country. His productions, related classical literature, Hamlet, Man Equals Man and Medea, have been valued as masterpieces.


Thursday 3 – tuesday 8 of December