Last Night I Saw You Smiling



Director: Kavich Neang
Year: 2019
Duration: 77′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Documentary

The White Building in Phnom Penh, built as social housing during the 1960s, is about to be torn down. With the agreement of almost all of the 493 resident families, its demolition is intended to make way for a new project to build new flats. Hand in hand with its inhabitants, including his own family, the director portrays the last days of this dying mega-structure, which has witnessed Cambodia’s troubled recent history and which, with its disappearance, leaves only the memory of an era.

Kavich Neang is a filmmaker and director of photography. He was born in Cambodia and grew up with his family in the White Building in Phnom Penh. Throughout his career he has made both documentaries and fiction films. With the news of the eviction and demolition of the White Building, Neang decided to return to the past of his childhood with this last documentary, in order to understand a reality in which this place no longer exists.


November 2020
Available online on FILMIN