Kalel 15



Director: Jun Robles Lana
Year: 2019
Duration: 90′
Language: VOSE
Genre: Drama

Kalel knows a thing or two about what a secret is: his mother is in a relationship with a married man; his sister had an abortion when she was very young; and he is the son of a priest. Kalel has been brought up as if he should feel ashamed and apologize for sins he has not committed. Unsure about his past and the education he has received, he ends up seeking approval and love on the internet. At 15, he is diagnosed with HIV, which he understands must be one more secret in his life. Accustomed to hiding his emotions, he rushes into self-destruction and pain.

Jun Robles Lana is an acclaimed director and screenwriter with an extensive, award-winning career for titles as Jose Rizal, Muro Ami, and Bagon Buwan. In 2015 he directed Shadow Behind the Moon, which also won Best Director at the Pacific Meridian Film Festival. Kalel 15 is his latest film.


Monday, 7 of December