Indus Blues



Director: Jawad Sharif
Year: 2018
Duration: 76′
Language: VOSE / VOSC
Genre: Documentary

In Pakistan, between political tensions, economic challenges and successive social crises, musicians and instrument makers have to face very difficult situations to remain what they are. All the more so when their trade is considered taboo. In this documentary, the director not only gives us some samples of a musical style rarely seen from those who may be the last masters, but also takes us on a journey from the Karakoram mountains in the north of the country to the coasts of the south.

Jawad Sharif is a prominent Pakistani filmmaker who is known for his exploration of often-ignored social issues and his narrative approach to conflict. After winning several awards for his project K2 & the Invisible Footmen, he wants to focus on an art form with which he has a personal connection.


November 2020
Available online on FILMIN