• Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2020


The new edition of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona | AFFBCN will have an extensive programme of cinema, meetings, conferences and seminars with the intention of contributing to the knowledge of cinematographies which are not usually present in the commercial circuits. As with the preceding editions, we will include around 100 feature films proceeding from a vast territorial extension that goes from Central Asia to South-East Asia and from there to the Asia – Pacific region. Through which we can explore productions of more than twenty-five countries, from Iran and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and the Asia – Pacific with Australia and New Zealand. Understanding that every landscape is culturally mediated, diversity is a challenge for the spectators, who are offered the tools are offered to discover what cinema from each of these aforementioned countries provides us. The more than a hundred films that will be presented this year, have been produced between 2018 and 2020 and will be distributed over the following sections: Official, Official Panorama, Discoveries, NETPAC and Special, all of which fall under competition. It is about the auteur films, where drama predominates as the quintessential genre that characterises this festival.

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Essay by the Asian Film Festival Barcelona Director


The Asian Film Festival Barcelona (AFFBCN) resumes its on-site activity from Monday, November 23 after the announcement of the Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya that allows the reopening of cinemas with a 50% capacity in a first phase.

Institut Français will programme 8 AFFBCN films, from November 23 to December 1, at its headquarters on Carrer de Moià, and Filmoteca de Catalunya will start the Kinuyo Tanaka retrospective with a total of 5 films (4 double sessions plus 1), which can be seen from November 24 to 29 in Plaça de Salvador Seguí.

Cinemes Girona will resume the screening of 38 feature films of the Festival from December 2 to 8.

In its online format, the Asian Film Festival Barcelona, ​​continues with its screenings in the virtual theater of CineBaix, until November 22, as well as on the FILMIN online cinema platform, which is expanding its programme again until November 29.

We will continue to report any news in the coming days.



Menene Gras Balaguer

Programing and Production
Menene Gras Balaguer
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

General Coordination
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

Film Management 
Priyanka Ragji

Technical Coordination and Logistics
Adriana Mendoza

Ángela Altisent Altisent
Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Adriana Mendoza
Carmen Elena Cabezas
Úrsula Guilló
Maria Aragón
Iris Mayo
Ariadna Martos

Cinemes Girona Direction
Toni Espinosa

Technical Assistance and Logistics
Giulliana Burneo
Fabio Maestri
Pol F. Amorós
Maria Àngels Amorós

Text Translation
Adriana Mendoza
Carmen Elena Cabezas
Úrsula Guilló
Maria Aragón

Translation and Subtitles
Marina Sala
Alba Mirón Guart
Olga Miró
36 Caracteres
Esteban Andueza
Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Teresa Vidaurre
Àngela Altisent Altisent
Mercè Blasco
Victoria Morales
Adrian Caravaca Caparrós
Esther Arias Valor
Mar Ortega
Carla Gonzalbes
Laia Pedregosa
Susana Tornero
Vanesa Plana
Fatima Ezzedine
Albert Vilalta

Catalogue Design and Layout and Festival Website
Sömi Graphic Studio (www.somistudio.com)

Casa Asia Communication Department
Suria Comunicación
Cinemes Girona Maria Angels Amorós
Catalina Portillo

Resource Management
Adelaida Rodríguez
Jordi González

Festival Image
Pierre Gonnord, Kat + Takuma (2003)

Festival Trailer
Adrian Caravaca Caparrós


To all Casa Asia’s staff members

Cinemes Girona
Toni Espinosa
Maria Angels Amorós
Giulliana Burneo
Fabio Maestri
Pol F. Amorós
Fabio Maestri
Catalina Portillo

Joan Sala
Isa Sequeros

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Esteve Riambau
Marina Vinyes Albes

Cristina Smandia
Laura Moreno Rodríguez

Xavier Bachs

Ajuntament de Barcelona
Direcció de Comunicació

Generalitat de Catalunya
Departament de Cultura

Catalunya Film Festivals
Marta Lladó
Clara Rodriguez

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Brussels)
Paul Leung
Melissa Pascale

Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona
Shiru Chang
Javier Orduña
Lídia Tubert

Consejería Cultural de la Embajada de la R.I. de Irán en España
Mohammad Hassan Fadaidard
Alireza Esmaeili
Alireza Joleini

Farabi Foundation
Mahsa Fariba
Tandis Tabatabaei

Japan Foundation
Shoji Yoshida
Alejandro Rodríguez

Centro Cultural Coreano
Jihoon Oh
Eunyoung Cho

ImagineIndia Film Festival
Qazi Abdur Rahim


Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema

Kazakhfilm Studios
Aizhana Kassymbekova

Persia Film Distribution
Ali Ghasemi

Ignatius Films
Ferdinand Lapuz

Irimage Iran
Kamyar Mohsenin

Finecut Co. Ltd. Korea
Seonghyun Park and Youngkyung Sohn

M Line Distribution
Jin Park

Golden Scene Hong Kong
Felix Tsang and Pearl Cheung

Rediance Films
Xu Jing

Parallax Films Productions
Liuying Cao and Qi Wang

FreeStone Japan
Momoko Nakamura

One Cool Pictures Hong Kong
Elly Lai

Indie Sales France
Laëtitia Arnaout

Nasrine Médard de Chardon

Donsaron Kovitvanitcha

Harvan Agustriansyah

7th ART Independent Film Distribution
Alireza Shahrokhi

National Film Board of Canada

La Aventura Audiovisual

Flamingo Films

Sömi Graphic Studio
Víctor Xirau
Cristina Reventós
Mª Gràcia Falgueras



El Periódico

Suria Comunicación y RRPP
Sonia Uría

To all Jury members of the Official, Official Panorama, Discoveries, NETPAC and Special Sections

To all distributors


Official Section

Lluís Miñarro
Producer and Director | President of the Jury

Marta Grau

Ángel Sala
Director of Sitges Fantastic International Film Festival

Pierre Gonnord

Pedro Ballesteros

Panorama Section

Cloe Masotta
Professor and Film Critic | President of the Jury

Andrés Duque

Mireia Iniesta
Actress, Programmer and Professor

Adrián Silvestre

Lucas Santos
Film Critic

Discoveries Section

Alexis Racionero
Writer and Filmmaker | President of the Jury

Élodie Mellado
Contents Editor (FILMIN)

Álvaro de Luna
Film Critic

Jeffrey Frigula
Director and Scriptwriter

Shaghayegh Norouzi

NETPAC Section

Qazi Abdur Rahim
Director of ImagineIndia International Film Festival |President of the Jury

Fina Sensada

Javier Martín-Domínguez
President of the International Press Club, CIP. Spain

Special Section

Esteban Andueza
Cultural Manager and Translator | President of the Jury

Magdalena Correa
Visual Artist

Mana Salehi
Visual Artist

Adrian Caravaca Caparrós

Melissa Pascale
Public Relations HKETO (Brussels)

Sandra Mur Puyuelo