NETPAC Section

Director: Soheil Movafagh
Year: 2019
Duration: 97′
Language: VOSE
Genre : Family, Children’s

After several years abroad, when Houshang returns home he finds out that his father’s restaurant has closed. However, he is not willing to give up. This young director portrays the return of those who went abroad at a given moment in their lives and later return to their country of origin with the aim of recovering what they left behind.

Soheil Movafagh was born in 1980 and he began his professional experiences as an actor at the young age of 13 and in 2001 he started working as a producer and director. He has collaborated with IRIB (TV) as a producer, director and actor since 2005. He debuted at the silver screen with Chocolate (2018), which participated in some children’s festivals such as the Canada Kids Film Festival and the Golden Elephant Film Festival.


Thursday 31st October