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Director: Devashish Makhija
Year: 2018
Duration: 128′
Language: VOSC
Genre: Drama

Through “Bhonsle” its director tried to ask that most pressing question of our times – who is a Migrant? What defines someone as an Outsider to a land? Where is that line that demarcates boundaries? Who decides who stands inside and who stands outside of that line? If each of our histories is traced back far enough are we all not migrants to our lands in some way or another? Can Man even stake claim to Land? When did we become so arrogant as a species? And finally, at what is the cost of this arrogance? The film has been presented at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2019, Busan International Film Festival 2018, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2018, Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2018 and the International Film Festival of Kerala 2018.

Devashish Makhija is an Indian filmmaker, screenwriter, graphic artist, fiction writer and poet who has researched and assisted on ”Black Friday” (2004) and was the chief assistant director on “Bunty aur Babli” (2005). He has written numerous screenplays, has had a solo art show ‘Occupying Silence’ and has written various books. As screenwriter and director, he has worked in multiple award winning short films “Taandav” (2016), “El’ayichi” (2015), “Rahim Murge pe mat ro” (2010) an “Absent” (2016), and the full length feature films “Aiji” (2017) and “Bhonsle”.


Sunday 10th November