Director: Min Byung-hun, Lee Sang-hun
Year: 2017
Duration: 88′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Drama


Gangnam station at peak time of the morning. A novelist, Jang Won, an ex pianist, Gayoung and a plastic surgeon, Saenal, with a somber gaze get on a black truck. The three of them are heading towards a remote motel in a rural area. They are trying to renounce to this world. In a calm room, they share the stories of their lives, with a canister of pills for each of them. It is the moment to say goodbye now. Then, driven by an unknown power, they make a fantastic journey beyond time and space, with the pianist Kim Sunwook. They descend to nature, to an European alley and to a stage, listening to piano melodies from somewhere, although they only hear them in their dreams. The three characters’ stories became a catastrophe, mixed with the division of past and the restrictions of reality. Can music make them recover the will to live?

Director’s Biography

The Emperor is a large-scale project to expand the field of photography and fine arts to the field of music. Korea’s suicide rate is the highest among the OECD countries. There is no Korean who perturbs when hears the word suicide. However, you should think also about that: There are many people who are also trying to commit suicide in this precise moment. We know that it is the truth but we cannot do anything. Sometimes, we are afraid of having some disadvantage in doing that. We dare not comfort someone in this world of individualism and materialism. As a filmmaker, I wanted to provide comfort and courage properly through my film. Meanwhile, a curious coincidence led me to meet the pianist Kim Sunwook, and destiny brought me to this project of The Emperor. I would like that the three characters who are trying to end their lives find a miraculous moment of healing thanks to the beauty of Beethoven’s music played by Kim Sunwook.

Festivals and Awards

22th Busan International Film Festival (2017)


Saturday 10th Nov