Director: Kim Joong-hyun
Year: 2017
Duration: 112′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre : Thriller


Sneaking into classes, Minkyung prepares herself for the civil service exam. She can barely manage to make ends meet with a part-time job and receiving money from Jinkyu, as help or as a tip for their services. Without a preconceived plan, she escapes from her home and ends up at the house of a former roommate of the university, Yeojin. Although it bothers her how happy Yeojin is now, Minkyung is relieved to know that she can stay at his home. However, her relief ends with the Eunjin’s sudden visit. That is why she decides to go away from there, but she falls into a puddle and Jinkyu decides to bring her to his home. Jinkyu’s son tries to get on with her hoping that Minkyung is his mother. Although, she tries to move away, she falls in love and begins to dream of having some happiness with them.

Director’s Biography

I heard someone arrives at the doorstep. I asked who it was. I heard a strange woman’s voice. ‘Is this P’s house?’ I said no. ‘Is not this P’s house?’ I said no. I heard the women sighing. ‘When did you move?’ She was bothering me. ‘Seven years ago.’ She sighed again. She did not move an inch, standing in front of the door. I was a little bit scared. I carefully checked the door lock to make sure it was locked. Minutes that seemed hours. She began to walk away. The sound of her steps sounded heavy. I carefully opened the window. I saw her leaving the main entrance. She staggered as she carried a large bag of luggage on her shoulder. Then, she adjusted the bag in her shoulder. For some reasons, tears began to well up from my eyes. I do not know why. I look at the woman walking away for a while. I do not really know why. Where is she going? Will she still be going her way? Am I a hypocrite for wishing her happiness?

Festivals and Awards

43th Seoul Independent Film Festival (2017) [Gran Premio]
22th Busan International Film Festival (2017) [Mejor Director] [Premio NETPEC]
6th Muju Film Festival (2018) [Premio de la audiencia]


Saturday 10th Nov