From October 31st to November 11th

A new appointment with the most recent Asian cinema, a selection of more than a hundred films from those released this year by more than twenty countries –including Central Asia, with the former Soviet Republics, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand-. The Asian Film Festival Barcelona | AFFBCN, will celebrate its sixth edition this year from October 31st to November 11th, 2018. The screenings as usual will take place in Cinemes Girona, CaixaForum, Filmoteca de Catalunya and Museu d’història de la immigració de Calunya.

This year’s AFFBCN schedule is divided in the following sections: Official, Official Panorama, Discoveries, Netpac and Special. Each of them gathers nearly twenty of the participant films. The Restrospective will be dedicated to the Japanese director Hirokazu Koreeda, awarded with the Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 for his film “Shoplifters”, which will be projected in Cinemes Girona and Filmoteca de Catalunya. “Shoplifters” will be the opening film of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona on November the 7th in Cinemes Girona. Lastly, this year’s edition will include a selection of the Asian films that were awarded last year by the Asian Film Academy, based in Hong Kong. Seven of the most representative of these titles will open a window to the Asian cinema, and through that window we will be able to discover new horizons and scenarios, which otherwise we couldn’t get to know.

This year China, Korea, India, Iran and Japan will participate again in the Asian Film Festival Barcelona, with the addition of Macao for the first time here with four feature films. We should neither forget the engagement of the countries from Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Cambodia. Cinemas from Australia and New Zealand will also take a prominent place in this festival as it happened in the past. One more year, all of them will offer a picture of the contemporary Asian society, both rural and urban. The most common genre will be drama and for all audiences.

2018’s Asian Film Festival Barcelona is supported by the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona’s Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB), the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office of Brussels, the Cathay Pacific, the We are Water Foundation, the Fundación Japón and the Centro Cultural Coreano, among others.

One more year Casa Asia keeps its commitment to provide Barcelona with a festival that wants to offer the best cinema from the Asian continent and tries to facilitate the access to this region’s productions to the public, in a globalized world about to collapse because of the overwhelming images that invade our daily life. Casa Asia also makes easier that professionals from this sector and the film industry meet each other.

AFFBCN’s bet goes on, as has been shown the past years and as we aim at keeping in the next editions. The presence of Asian cinema in our city is being consolidated by Casa Asia, not just thanks to this festival, but also because of the schedule accomplished all year round every week in Cinemes Girona, in Barcelona, and Filmoteca Española, CaixaForum and Circulo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid.

Hashtag: #AFFBCN

Essay by the Asian Film Festival Barcelona Director

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Menene Gras Balaguer

Programing and Production
Menene Gras Balaguer
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

General Coordination
Rodrigo Escamilla Sandoval

Technical Coordination
Sandra Mur Puyuelo

Coordinator Assistants
Cristina Grau Gómez
Jorge Ramón Gómez
Juan Manuel Rodríguez
Cristina de la Rosa
Eva Silvestre Riera
Sara Sevilla Segura
Pamela Taveras Pérez

Cinemes Girona Direction
Toni Espinosa

Technical Assistance
Giulliana Burneo

Translation and Subtitles
36 Caracteres
Esteban Andueza
Sandra Mur Puyuelo
Teresa Vidaurre
Mercè Blasco
Esther Arias Valor
James Burke
Victoria Morales
Genara Sert

Catalogue Design and Layout
Pamela Taveras Pérez

Casa Asia Communication Department

Festival Website
SÖMI Graphic Studio

Resource Management
Adelaida Rodríguez
Jordi González

Sponsorship Manager
Pedro Ralda


Official Section

Roger García
President of the Asian Film Academie and the Asian Film Awards and director of the Hong International Film Festival

Briccio Santos
President Film Asean

Elizaveta Stishova

Carlos Reviriego
Programmer Director of Filmoteca Nacional

Jean Marie del Moral

Panorama Section

Iván Llamas

Paco Poch
Producer and Distributor

Chan Tai-li

Alvin Tse
HONG KONG International Film Festival Programmer

Catherine de Montalembert

Discoveries Section

Xavi Lezcano
El Americana Film Fest Director

Joan Sala
FILMIN Programmer

Claudio Zulián
Visual Artist and Filmmaker

Montse Rovira

Carlos Benítez
Proyecto Naschy

NETPAC Section

Do Kyung Kim
Korean Filmmaker

Chandra Ray
Bhutan Filmmaker

Qazi Abdur Rahim
Imagine India Film Festival Director

Javier Martín Domínguez
President of the Internacional Press Club and Producer

Haruan Agustriasyah
Indonesian Filmmaker

Young Jury

Iu Gorina Riba

Berger Capati

Rafael Montón
Traductor y crítico de cine

Jana Travé
Student at the Bande Apart Cinema School

Sergi Aragon
Student at the University PompeuFabra

Jùlia Gaitano
Student at the University PompeuFabra

Elliot Huéscar
Student at the Bande Apart Cinema School

Joan Miquel Bruno
Student at the Bande Apart Cinema School

Manel Ávila Martínez
Student at the Bande Apart Cinema School


Best Film
Best Director
Best screenplay

Each jury will give these three awards and any other mention if necessary regarding his section.
The jury of the Discoveries Section will give the Cathay Pacific Awards in the same categories.


To all Casa Asia’s staff members

Cinemes Girona
Toni Espinosa
Maria Angels Amorós
Giulliana Burneo
Fabio Maestri

Valentí Farràs
Josep Miquel del Campo Andión

Filmoteca de Catalunya
Esteve Riambau
Octavi Martí Coll

Generalitat de Catalunya | Departament de Cultura | ICEC

Ajuntament de Barcelona | ICUB

Catalunya Film Festivals
Marta Lladó

Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Brussels)

Asian Film Academy & Asian Film Awards

Macao Tourism Brard in Spain
Anabela Couto

Consejería Cultural de la Embajada de la R.I. de Irán en España
Mohammad Hassan Fadaidard
Alireza Esmaeili
Alireza Joleini

Farabi Foundation
Amir Esfandiari
Mahsa Fariba

Centro Cultural Coreano
Yi Chongyul
Eunyoung Cho

Japan Foundation
Shoji Yoshida
Alejandro Rodríguez Medina

Briccio Santos

Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona
Shiru Chang

Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema

Kazakhfilm Studios
Aizhana Kassymbekova

Cathay Pacific

We are Water Foundation

Hotel Actual

Thai Barcelona Royal Cuisine

Imagineindia Film Festival
Qazi Abdur Rahim

Víctor Xirau Montagut
Cristina Reventós Bosch
Xela Falgueras


El Periódico

Ràdio 4 rne

Fundació TMB

CRAI, Biblioteca Filosofia Geografia i història | Universitat de Barcelona

All Youth Jury members


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