Director: Bongkod Khongmalai
Year: 2017
Duration: 92′
Language: Original Version – Spanish Subtitles
Genre: Drama


“Sad Beauty” is a film about two friend from childhood “Yo & Pim”. Yo is a falling star actress while, Pim is a graduating student from a classical dance college with an eye cancer. One night after a swinging, Yo drove Pim home and found out that Pim’s mother is severely injured by her stepfather and got into a fight with the stepfather and accidentally kill him. It is the beginning of tragedy that is destroying their relationship and life.

Director’s Biography

Bongkod Khongmalaimade her debut on the screen with the legendary historical film “Bang Rachan (2000)”. She received the Royal Award “Phra Suratsawadi” from her role in her first movie. Bongkod had her first chance to co-direct in a full length drama film ” Angel: Nang Fah” once again landed her a new award of ” New Director Award” and nominated for “Best supporting actress” for her co acting in the film she directed, by the Thai Critics Association. Sad Beauty is Bongkod first full length film directed by her.

Festivals and Awards

Far East Film Festival 2018
New York Asian Film Festival 2018


Saturday 3rd Nov